Automotive Relays

Product Model: CMA1

Dimensions: 19.0×15.5×15.8(mm)Miniature automotive relayHigh Switching capacity 20AAvailable in 3 contact configurations, 1 Form A, B and CApplications: car alarm, central locking system, power windows,seat control, etc

Safety Standards

Contact Data
Contact Form 1A,1B,1C
Contact Rating 15A 14VDC Resistive (B, C)
20A 14VDC Resistive (A)
Max.Switching Voltage 75VDC
Max.Switching Current 20A
Max.Switching Power 280W
Min.Switching Load -
Coil Data
Coil Voltage 6~24VDC
Coil Power 0.36W
General Data
Dielectric Strength Open Contacts 750VAC,1min
Coil and Contacts 1,000VAC,1min
Electrical Life(ops.) 100,000
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Terminal Type PCB
Packing Method 25pcs/Tube
Qty/Ctn (Pcs) 1000/Carton
Carton Size L×W×H(mm) 456×266×161
Approx N.W. 8.2
Approx G.W. 8.7