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HKE was appraised as China’s top 100 electronic component enterprises again in 2015.

2015-08-07 17:10

In the support and assistances of the China’s electronic components Industry Information, nearly half of the collection,verification, collation, analysis and feasibility studies, 2015(28th) China’s top 100 electronics enterprise has formally introduction, 100 outstanding and honor enterprises have selected in the scale of strength, financial status, research and development capabilities.
Top 100 electronics enterprises are from more than a dozen specialized fields of electronic components, they have different branches of industry and different business model. So, the income gap is very large between the different industry enterprises. However, the electronic components’ hundred ranking depends on the overall strength of the enterprise.
This time, HKE won the sixtieth in the 2015(28th) China’s top 100 electronics component enterprises.