Automotive Relays


Product Model: CMA2

Miniature automotive relay
Available in both open frame and plastic sealed package
Sealed: 17.3×14.8×19.5(mm)
Open: 15.7×12.7×17.7(mm)
Numerous contact arrangements
High switching capacity 20A


Safety Standards

Contact Data
Contact Form 1A,1C,1U,1V,1W
Contact Rating A:15A 14VDC
C:NO/NC:15A/10A 14VDC
Max.Switching Voltage 75VDC
Max.Switching Current 20A
Max.Switching Power 280W
Min.Switching Load -
Coil Data
Coil Voltage 3~24VDC
Coil Power 1.1W
General Data
Dielectric Strength Open Contacts 550VAC,1min
Coil and Contacts 1,000VAC,1min
Electrical Life(ops.) 100,000
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Terminal Type PCB
Packing Method 25pcs/Tube
Qty/Ctn (Pcs) 1000/Carton
Carton Size L×W×H(mm) 444×243×172
Approx N.W. 9.5(Plastic Sealed Type)
8.0(Open Type)
Approx G.W. 11.0(Plastic Sealed Type)
9.7(Open Type)