Magnetic Latching Relays


Product Model: HKE16

Outline Dimension: 29.0×12.7×16.0mm
DPST 16A Magnetic latching relay
Max.Surge Current 350A/2ms
Energy-saving and Environmental
Friendly product(RoHS Compliant)


Safety Standards


Contact Data
Contact Form 2A
Contact Rating 16A 250VAC,50,000(Res)
20A 250VAC,20,000(Res)
1.5HP 250VAC,30,000(HP)
8A 220VAC,cosφ0.4,30,000
3300W 277VAC,20,000(Electronic Ballast)
Max.Switching Voltage 277VAC
Max.Switching Current 20A
Max.Switching Power 5000VA
Min.Switching Load 1A 24VDC
Coil Data
Coil Voltage 3~48VDC
Coil Power 0.6W
General Data
Dielectric Strength Open Contacts 1,000VAC,50/60Hz,1min
Coil and Contacts 4,000VAC,50/60Hz,1min
Electrical Life(ops.) Refer to 'contact load'
Operating Temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Terminal Type PCB
Packing Method
Qty/Ctn (Pcs)
Carton Size L×W×H(mm)
Approx N.W.
Approx G.W.